Vitamin D3 supplement or Fish Oil?

Fish oil capsules on white background

Have you been wondering about a Vitamin D3 supplement or Fish Oil?

These can be your secret weapon for boosting your health during the change of seasons. Both products are highly recommended by Dr. Wiedrich. Learn which products we recommend by responding to this e-mail with a request. We’ll set you up with a personalized link to order, and a 15% discount.

These products are therapeutic grade, and re-ordering is easy!

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Is Technology Ruining Your Posture?

To keep your posture healthy when using technology, here are a few tips:

  • When texting, bring your arms up to eye level so you don’t need to look down at the screen.
  • Prop up tablets or gaming devices on a pillow on your lap, to counteract your head from dropping forward and down.
  • Look down with your eyes, not your whole head.

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