Chiropractic Testimonials

“As someone that’s suffered with chronic back pain for the better part of the last 20 year, I cannot recommend Optimal Spine Chiropractic enough. I’ve had a couple surgeries just for the pain to keep coming back. I’ve been seeing Optimal Spine for a few months now and I’m kicking myself for not going years ago. This isn’t just a get adjusted and go on your way chiropractor, you do massage therapy as well as physical therapy, which are vital to on-going care. Do yourself a favor, go see them.”

- Jason N.

"After an initial unsatisfactory experience with another Chiropractor, the team at Optimal Spine restored my faith in the rehabilitation of my back. They took an approach of determining where my baseline is currently at and then laid out a plan and path of how to get where I should and need to be for my health. I’m confident in their approach and the team makes being there very comforting. Would highly recommend."

- Jason J.

"When I first went there, I had a hard time walking. After several adjustments and muscle simulation, I felt much better. I highly recommend seeing them. The staff is very nice, professional, and knowledgeable as well."

- Westin B.

"100% recommend Dr Nate and Crystal! Extremely knowledgeable staff with an overall great vibe when you are being treated. Thankful and grateful for finding them!"

- Lori J.

"Dr. Nathan and his staff are amazing. They have therapy available right after/before your adjustments which is always a nice experience. Thank you for helping me with my neck pain."

- Brenda D.

"DR. NATHAN and the staff are amazing they even call me to get in because i told them that i was in severe pain and now i feel amazing the technique and the way DR NATHAN LISTEN to u he cares for your health and well being i definitely recommend this to all!!"

- Lancer G.

"Amazing place ! Significantly helped my back problems and definitely recommend. Great staff that make you feel comfortable and definitely get you feeling brand new!"

- Haley H.


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